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Increase Attachment Limitations in Saleslogix 8.0

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Are your Saleslogix 8.0 users getting timeout errors when uploading attachments?  Do you have large files that you would like stored as an attachment in a SalesLogix record? 

Managing Activities in your CRM System


If you counted all the activities for each of your users, what would you see? It would most likely vary greatly. Some users don’t schedule anything. They just enter the results of calls, meetings or to-dos. Others schedule everything. The operative question, though, is how many users schedule something to do then don’t clear it from their calendar? Maybe they attended the meeting, but didn’t complete it in your CRM. That means they probably didn’t record what happened during the meeting and that you are losing information. Other times, maybe someone scheduled a call-back and never actually made the call. They meant to make that quarterly call but were side-tracked getting that big proposal out. Now it’s time for the next quarterly call.

Top 10 Must Run CRM Reports


Businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to get a better understanding of who their customers are, what they are buying (and not) and how loyal they are. But if you are not running the right reports, you may not be getting an accurate picture of who your customers are, which products or services they like and don’t like, and which ones are the most profitable and the least. 

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