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saleslogix logoEffective CRM Software touches each and every department within your organization.  Below is a broad view of the benefits of Infor CRM. But this is only the beginning.

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Sales: Utilize the rich sales automation capabilities in Infor CRM to increase productivity by automating key aspects of the selling cycle, maximize team selling effectiveness with advanced sales tools and resources, and make informed decisions based on accurate visibility into the sales pipeline. The robust sales automation capabilities in Infor CRM ensure your selling efforts will deliver results.

Marketing: Identify and target the most profitable prospects, manage and track all aspects of campaigns in one place, and analyze campaign ROI to increase marketing efficiency and get the most from your investment in your CRM solution.

Customer Care: Resolve customer questions, issues, and requests quickly for a high-quality customer experience, capitalize on new selling opportunities, and provide convenient self-service solutions to customers with the easy-to-use customer service features in the Infor CRM solution.

Support: Provide resolutions to issues effectively and efficiently, reduce the time and resources it takes to support your customers, and extend service delivery through 24x7 self-service solutions.

Mobile Solutions: Infor CRM Mobile extends sales automation and CRM capabilities to Blackberry, Pocket PC, and Smartphone devices, delivering rich functionality and the real-time convenience of wireless.

Application Integration: Integration between Infor CRM and back-office accounting and financial applications provides organizations with a complete view of all customer interactions for making more rapid and insightful business decisions based on complete customer information.

Dashboards & Reporting: Easy-to-use, configurable dashboards in Infor CRM help you turn insight into action by identifying opportunities, analyzing performance and diagnosing potential problems in real-time. Infor CRM Dashboards provide a single, interactive location from which to view and analyze sales automation and other performance metrics from across your entire organization. Infor CRM also includes more than 70 pre-built reports as well as extensive custom reporting capabilities.

Outlook Integration: Infor CRM is designed to be the CRM solution that works the way you do. And Infor CRM Advanced Outlook Integration makes that easier than ever. Now you can continue to use the Microsoft Outlook application you know and love - seamlessly within Infor CRM.

Business Alerts & Notification: Stay informed of all critical business opportunities with Infor CRM. Define conditions, then let Infor CRM pro-actively monitor key business criteria within the CRM solution. When conditions are met, Infor CRM instantly notifies you so you can take immediate action. Add Integrated Service Alerts for pro-active notification of critical customer support issues.

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