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Effective customer relationship management solutions touch each and every department within your organization.  Below is a broad view of the benefits of But this is only the beginning.

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Why On Demand CRM?: is designed for businesses seeking a low-cost, low-risk hosted CRM option. A fixed monthly price delivers everything: the hosted CRM application, support, training, backups and updates. also offers the flexibility to migrate to an on-site CRM software system as your business needs evolve.

On Demand Sales: Improve sales performance with sales automation tools that help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily. The hosted CRM solution provides a snapshot of the sales cycle from first contact to final sale, allowing sales teams to effectively analyze and manage the sales pipeline.

On Demand Marketing: Manage and track every element of your campaigns with View activities, objectives, leads generated, and lead follow-up, and drill down to specific activities within a campaign. This user-friendly hosted CRM solution provides you an in-depth view of your campaigns and enables you to eliminate the guesswork and put your company's marketing resources to their best use.

On Demand Customer Care: With the on demand CRM solution, you can resolve customer issues efficiently by providing customer service professionals with user-friendly tools to access relevant customer data including purchases, call and escalation histories, interactions, e-mail, and documents sent and received.

Mobile Solutions: The benefits of real-time access to your hosted CRM solution are numerous and can have a positive impact on your business performance and profits. Placing customer information at the fingertips of mobile professionals ensures they always have the most up-to-date information.

Outlook Integration: Microsoft Outlook runs within the framework of your SageCRM solution and has complete, two-way synchronization with Outlook contacts, calendar (appointments), and tasks, in addition to full-featured e-mail integration.

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