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Effective customer relationship management tools touch each and every department within your organization.  Below is a broad view of the benefits of a CRMPlus solution by department.  Feel free to click directly on the departments that interest you using the list below:

Department Specific Solutions

Customer Care
Back Office
Outlook Integration

Management - Analytics

Industry Specific Solutions

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Marketing: Generating leads costs money and you should expect a good return on your investment. A CRMPlus solution allows Marketing to track which campaigns were sent to what prospects, what messages led them into sales, and what the ROI is for every campaign. By tracking the cycle from start to finish, you’ll know where your Marketing dollars are best spent.

Sales: Know how many leads were received and which were converted into sales. Define the sales cycle and better understand who your top performers really are. The estimating process becomes automated making it easy for an order to flow from department to department. But perhaps most importantly, with a 360° view of the customer, Sales will know how much is in the pipeline or even a customer’s standing with accounting—all from their desktop.

Customer Service: If there is a defect in the equipment, an interdepartmental issue, or a recurring problem that has not been addressed, a CRMPlus solution allows for easy reporting so that you can resolve any issues quickly and precisely. You’ll also know how long it takes to resolve an issue, which is a key point in quality control. Because of the 360° view, Sales can view the same cycle generated by Customer Service, which alerts your salesman to problems that a client may be facing before they show up on site.

Support: Arming your Support staff with a thorough knowledge of the customers is the foundation of providing good support. When resolving issues from a technical standpoint, Support also needs to understand the contractual obligations between the customer and your company to know if support is included or fee-based. Support can also help spot defects in a product or breakdowns in service, so they can share information with R&D.

Back Office: From Accounting to Inventory Control, the Back Office handles the actual nuts and bolts of running your business. It's imperative that they have a full view of what the company is doing, so employees can function more efficiently and effectively. Integration with the Back Office helps reduce redundancies in paperwork, and also helps ensure nothing slips through the cracks that could cost you business or burn up your resources.

Operations: Customer relationship management is invaluable to Operations, which touches each and every department daily. These personnel are responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, as well as product or service development. To know how well the product is working, based upon feedback from sales, customer service and support is critical. To see where dollars are spent in Marketing and which campaigns succeeded helps establishing future budgeting. It all works together seamlessly.

Mobile: The benefits of real-time access to your CRM solution and database are numerous and can have a positive impact on your business performance and profits. Wireless connectivity with enhanced support for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices using the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system brings real-time data to your fingertips - anywhere, anytime.

Outlook Integration: Need help prioritizing your e-mail? Infor CRM checks unread e-mail messages against the Infor CRM database and 'flags' e-mail from customers and prospects so you know which e-mail messages to respond to first. If one of those flagged messages is a literature request for example, you can insert the appropriate files from the Infor CRM Library into your e-mail response in two simple clicks.

Law Practice:  You've worked hard for many years acquiring the knowledge to be an attorney, and now it's time to hang out your shingle. You know that you need to attract new clients (web site, email marketing), manage client relationships (client book, appointment calendar), and efficiently bill clients for work completed (time tracking invoices). But where do you start building your business? We have a complete solution to get your Law Practice up and running quickly and efficiently.

Infor CRM Advanced Analytics: Infor CRM is a powerful and secure CRM software solution that gives you a complete view of customer interactions across your departments and teams—providing you with information and insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting.

Unsure how to get started?  Download our CRM Success Kit for a step by step guide.