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CRMPlus Consulting's "CRM Resource Requirements"

crm resource requirements

We are frequently asked "How many people will it take to support our CRM solution based on the number of users we have?" The simple answer is - it depends.

Managing a CRM solution takes a combination of skills, knowledge and time. The mixture of these depends on where you are in the implementation cycle, the level of complexity of your solution and the number of users supported by your solution. There is no simple answer. However, our CRM Resource Requirements whitepaper will walk you through:

  • The CRM Implementation Cycle
  • Support Resource Roles
  • Resources Required by Implementation Stage
  • Resource Requirements by Deployment Type

We are sure that you will find it informative. Please provide the following information and we will provide the document to you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or call us at 813-343-2173.

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