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How CRM Increases Positive Customer Interactions to Drive Loyalty

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are your number one priority… or they should be. Unfortunately, some companies put increased profits over taking care of customers, which coincidentally lowers profits by driving customers away. In today's marketplace it is simply too easy for customers to move on to another company if/or when they have a bad experience. For this reason, customers must be well cared for and respected as the single-most contributing factor to your ongoing success.

Is Your CRM Solution Tracking the Masses, or Reaching the Masses?

Using CRM Advanced Analytics to Reach the Masses

Years ago, CRM Systems of old were primarily utilized as 'contact management' software, keeping tidy notes regarding ongoing interactions with customers. Over time, however, software manufacturers have been improving their systems to offer more of what businesses need - feature rich advanced analytics to use in reaching the masses.

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Will your CRM System stand the test of time?


Is it time to replace your antiquated contact management program?  What should you look for in a new CRM System?  Here are the top 10 questions you should consider before making a change, and how Saleslogix addresses each one:

Drive Your Business Onward and Upward with Saleslogix CRM

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No business can be successful without their customers. However the ways in which businesses manage those vital relationships are continuously evolving. With the high-speed, instant access, and get-what-you-want-right-now culture that we live in - it is more important than ever before that your organization be taking advantage of a current, and comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Why? Because your customers expect a high level of service - and you want to provide it. If you want to improve interactions between you and your customers, to simultaneously improve customer service and attrition, as well as to increase revenue-generating relationships - you simply cannot be without the benefits of CRM.

Are You Looking for a Mobile-Only CRM Solution? Schedule a Demo for Saleslogix Mobile 3.0


We're excited to be the first major CRM solution provider to offer Mobile-Only Users!

CRM Drives Customer-Focused Results


Customer-focused initiatives are all about results. While this should be a pretty obvious statement, for many companies, it doesn't always work that way.

Are You Seeing the Full CRM Picture?


One of the main reasons businesses implement a CRM system is to gain a complete, 360-degree view of their customers. However, large companies in particular often have difficulty achieving this full customer view. Many businesses grapple with how best to provide a holistic view of all the activities of an enterprise customer and how to implement a one-stop shop for analytics and actionable data. In part, this stems from the fact that companies usually need something more complex than an out-of-the-box CRM account screen.

Meeting the Demands of the Nonstop Customer


Keys to Developing New Customer Dynamics to Drive Growth

When It Comes to CRM, Is Your Company Playing FAIR?


We are operating in a new environment with respect to interacting with customers and prospects. And this environment will be different tomorrow than it is today—literally. That's how fast things are changing; as new technology is created at accelerated rates, the only thing moving faster is consumer adoption of the "latest and greatest" app or gadget.

Looking to Improve Your Customer Interactions? Give Social CRM a Try


No matter how big or small your company may be, pleasing your customers should still be high on your priority list. Even a massive corporation like Google or General Electric should be just as focused on keeping customers happy, satisfied and loyal as the little bakery down the street or the local used bookstore. For all the millions of different sizes and types of businesses, one thing unites them all: customers.

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