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12 Days of Christmas & 12 Most Important CRM Features

CRM for Christmas

Forget your two front teeth… all you need for Christmas is a good CRM system! With an unending number of CRM software applications available on the market, how do you know which one to choose? While you won’t find turtle doves, maids a’ milking, and pipers piping, you will want to select a system with these 12 features, benefits, and capabilities…


Considering CRM? 3 Things You Need to Know…

3 Things You Need to Know about CRM   November 2014

Any successful business owner or manager knows that customers are the single most important contributor to their ongoing success. To this end, many companies implement CRM applications to assist them in better managing customer relationships and improving target marketing, sales, and retention. However, as with any software implementation, it is important that you first do your homework to ensure that you end up with a product that will effectively meet your needs over the long term.


Improve Productivity with CRM and Outlook Integration

October 2014   Outlook and Infor CRM Xbar

Let’s face it. Everyone is pressed for time. You are, your managers are, and your sales reps are. To this end, we know that you are always looking for ways to streamline, organize, and improve productivity. One of the very best ways to accomplish this is to increase automation and reduce extra steps. After all, why spend 30 minutes on a task that can be done in 5? This is exactly what Xbar for Outlook® can do for you.

Complimentary Webinar: Getting More from your CRM

September Webinar   Getting More from your CRM   2014Last Chance to Register for this week's CRM Webinar!

Two dates to choose from:
September 9th, 11 am - 12 pm
September 11th, 1 pm - 2 pm

If your company has resisted a Customer Relationship Management implementation for fear of failure, or experienced a failed adoption – this webinar is for you! The key to success is in choosing the right system…one that is intuitive, easy to learn, user friendly, and offers the tools you need to streamline your customer-centric business processes to improve external service, and internal communication.

Register by clicking on your preferred date and time above and come learn more about:
  • Why companies buy a CRM system.
  • Why CRM implementations fail.
  • How you can connect your enterprise and significantly improve the likelihood of adoption.
  • And more!
As an added bonus, we will have an open Q&A at the end of the call where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of our experts!

How CRM Keeps Customers Happy…and Keeps Profits on the Rise

Infor CRM

Last month we discussed the importance of customer loyalty and how leveraging a CRM application can greatly assist you in improving customer retention. This month, we wanted to take a moment to expand on this a bit, and give you our top 5 ways in which CRM helps you keep your customers happy and your profits on the rise.

How CRM Increases Positive Customer Interactions to Drive Loyalty

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are your number one priority… or they should be. Unfortunately, some companies put increased profits over taking care of customers, which coincidentally lowers profits by driving customers away. In today's marketplace it is simply too easy for customers to move on to another company if/or when they have a bad experience. For this reason, customers must be well cared for and respected as the single-most contributing factor to your ongoing success.

Is Your CRM Solution Tracking the Masses, or Reaching the Masses?

Using CRM Advanced Analytics to Reach the Masses

Years ago, CRM Systems of old were primarily utilized as 'contact management' software, keeping tidy notes regarding ongoing interactions with customers. Over time, however, software manufacturers have been improving their systems to offer more of what businesses need - feature rich advanced analytics to use in reaching the masses.

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Will your CRM System stand the test of time?


Is it time to replace your antiquated contact management program?  What should you look for in a new CRM System?  Here are the top 10 questions you should consider before making a change, and how Saleslogix addresses each one:

Drive Your Business Onward and Upward with Saleslogix CRM

Saleslogix CRM CRMPlus 02 14

No business can be successful without their customers. However the ways in which businesses manage those vital relationships are continuously evolving. With the high-speed, instant access, and get-what-you-want-right-now culture that we live in - it is more important than ever before that your organization be taking advantage of a current, and comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Why? Because your customers expect a high level of service - and you want to provide it. If you want to improve interactions between you and your customers, to simultaneously improve customer service and attrition, as well as to increase revenue-generating relationships - you simply cannot be without the benefits of CRM.

Are You Looking for a Mobile-Only CRM Solution? Schedule a Demo for Saleslogix Mobile 3.0


We're excited to be the first major CRM solution provider to offer Mobile-Only Users!

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