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ACT! By Sage, Orlando and Tampa Florida
Mobile Sage CRM Solutions

ACT! by Sage - Solution For your Business Needs

ACT! by Sage CRM Software



The #1 selling contact and customer manager for 20 years, ACT! by Sage has more than 2.7 million individual users and 41,000 corporate customers in 25 countries. ACT! by Sage solutions are easy to learn and use, and can be implemented out-of-the-box or highly customized.



What can ACT! solutions help you and your team do?

  • Keep contact details in one place.
  • Group related contacts together.
  • Find information quickly and easily.
  • Manage daily responsibilities.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Improve sales opportunity tracking.
  • Gain insight into your business.
  • Integrate with everyday applications & accounting solutions.
  • Share information across teams.
  • Access information on-the-go.

Wondering how to get started?  Download the CRM Resource Guide to learn what resources you will need to start using a CRM system.